Thursday, August 10, 2017

Boomers are Budding!

Grateful Cannabis Farmers
The phrase “cannabis farmer” doesn't suggest thoughts of Baby Boomers but change is in the wind!

Cindy and Larry, both in their sixties, are prime examples of a growing trend in cannabis farming. A decade ago, they probably would have laughed at the suggestion of personally growing cannabis. Now they are cultivating their own bud.

About ten years ago, Cindy found herself struggling with debilitating health issues that were only exacerbated by prescription drugs. Then a relative gave her a small bit of cannabis to try. Within days, many of her symptoms were alleviated to a point that even her partner, Larry, noticed the difference. From that point forward, she began relying on cannabis as a more healthful and effective alternative to prescription drugs.

Both Cindy and Larry had used cannabis for fun in their younger days but employer drug testing forced them to forego it through most of their adult lives. Now, in addition to discovering cannabis as a medicine and taking all steps necessary to be compliant with Oregon's Medical Marijuana laws, they recognize the injustice of Federal prohibition. In their retirement years, Cindy and Larry have become vocal political activists.

Cindy planting her strain, "Creative Lady"
After Cindy got her medical card, she spent a few years getting cannabis from a medical grower. But Larry, a native Oregonian, was raised in a farming family so it wasn't long before they began experimenting with raising their own crop.

Now they've been full fledged medical growers for five years on a former vegetable farm near Salem and their lives have been transformed in profoundly positive ways. It's as though, in their sixties, they've been transported back to the Sixties, embracing the mission of radical transformation that filled that era with hope.

We met Cindy and Larry at the 2017 Oregon legislative sessions, and they welcomed our proposal to document the evolution of their production cycle this year. The work itself has already been a remarkable revelation. In contrast to what the slang term "Weed" suggests, growing great organic cannabis is not easy!

Between the labor intensive planting and harvesting events, there are at least five months of constant maintenance. Cindy spends an average of six hours each day, tending to the needs of individual plants and the crop as a whole. With Larry's background in traditional farming and Cindy's dedication to organic methods, they have experimented with various production improvements every year and expect this 2017 harvest - the "Eclipse Crop" - to be the best yet.
May 26th 2017 ~ New Moon Planting Day

August 04 2017 ~ On the Verge of Flowering!

Cindy and "Creative Lady"
In addition to developing organic compost fertilizers and insect repellents onsite, Cindy is refining her own cannabis strain called "Creative Lady" which addresses the specific needs of some cannabis patients.

The delight and satisfaction she gets from caring for the plant is obvious to all. It is her gift to a community that restored the quality of her own life.