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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rick Steves is Rolling an Excellent Trip

In the often ethically fluid industries of media production, hospitality, and drug policy, Rick Steves is a rare icon of authenticity in all three.  

Now as Board Chair of NORML, prospects for overdue reform on a variety of national and international fronts are the most hopeful in decades. In fact, the Biden-Harris administration would be well served to open a NORML office inside the White House. Rick's cannabis informed approach to foreign policy may be our best bet for finally bringing respect into global sync.   

Excerpt from "Travel as a Political Act":
As an idealistic young adult, I struggled with what I'd do with my one life. I wanted to work hard at something worthwhile and contribute to society.  I wondered if it was really noble to teach wealthy Americans to travel. As a child, my earliest image of "travel" was of rich Americans on fancy white cruise ships in the Caribbean, throwing coins off the deck so they could photograph what they called the "little dark kids" jumping in after them. They'd take these photos home as souvenirs of their relative affluence. That was not the kind of travel I wanted to promote.

...since that first trip back in 1969, I've spent a third of my life overseas, living out of a backpack, talking to people who see things differently than me. It makes me a little bit of an odd duck.

...Travel has taught me the fun in having my cultural furniture rearranged and my ethnocentric self assuredness walloped. It has humbled me, enriched my life, and tuned me in to a rapidly changing world. And for that, I am thankful.

At Rick's side are First and Second Vice-Chairs, Evan Nison and Courtney Moran.  

As a volunteer on the California Tax and Regulate Cannabis Act (Prop 19) in 2010, I got to experience Evan's organizing style first hand. It was an inspiring pleasure to see him work. Even then, as a college student, it was evident his vision far exceeded any personal ambition. Evan Nison sees the way to a better world and is realizing the path to take us there. 

Ensuring that path also includes restoring planet Earth is Courtney Moran.  I met Courtney during the early days of cannabis legalization in Oregon. While the majority of others in the new industry were centered on ROI and marketing, Courtney remained focused on the crucial climate benefits of industrial hemp.

Her advocacy provided the insight I needed to deftly expose the deception behind the War on Drugs to others.  Industrial hemp is not a psychoactive drug.  But it was included as a Schedule One illegal drug (until 2018) along with cannabis simply for political/economic reasons.  The War on Drugs enabled agendas and enriched stakeholders. The story about guarding the public from harm was a blatant lie. 

No leadership team may be better suited to this time than Courtney, Evan and Rick.

Momentum behind the recent waves of legalization has taken decades to build. 

But many of the most complex challenges are just beginning to emerge. To anyone who has recognized the injustice of drug laws but hesitated to provide support for reform, this is the opportunity to get your values into retroactive alignment. Be generous with vocal and financial support. Talk openly about the role cannabis has played throughout your life. 

Among my own boomer generation, the most common reason I've heard for being a closeted cannabis user has been fear of damaging a career or social status. Then take courage from Rick.  As a role model he has risked his livelihood, reputation and more.  Advocating for an internationally illegal substance while traveling the world takes a profound amount of trust in a greater good. I trust Rick and would follow him to the ends of the Earth. 

There are many effective advocacy organizations to join but for those taking the first step as a hesitant boomer, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is reassuring. 
It's OK.  It's NORML

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Budding Boomers ~ Growing the Eclipse Crop

Our Budding Boomers documentary is ready just in time for 4/20. 

Please enjoy and share it!