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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Get Whey High on 420!

Handmade Cheese with Homegrown Bud

Forget Cheez-Its, 420 is the day to role the real stuff around your tongue!

Cheesemakers have more in common with Cannabis farmers than most people realize. Like those involved with Cannabis, Artisan and Farmstead Cheesemakers are familiar with unreasonable regulation and the constant threat of Federal raids that often end in property seizures. (Forbes: FDA May Destroy American Artisan Cheese Industry).

Given the current uncertainty around legal Cannabis and the monstrous growth of Corporate Agriculture, 420 is an opportune Holiday for Cannabis and Cheese to become each others best (taste) buds! Cheesemakers have much experience to offer in navigating arbitrary business regulation and the Cannabis market is an enthusiastic audience for creative foods.

Hanfkäse/Tommet Di Cannabis 
Those lucky enough to be celebrating 420 in Europe might find a Hanfkäse/Tommet Di Cannabis to taste. A regular crowd pleaser at the Slow Cheese Festival in Bra, Italy, Hanfkäse is a type of Swiss mountain cheese enhanced with Hemp seeds. Though it is not psychoactive, the leaf symbol is certainly eye catching.

There are also some American cheeses with allusions to Cannabis. Shown at the top of this post is Beecher's No Woman, a Cheddar with Jamaican Jerk Spices.

At their creamery in Seattle's Pike Place Market, Beecher's also sells a "sultry half No Woman, half Just Jack macaroni and cheese".  And there's even a chance Rick Steves will be shopping there too!

The winner for best double entendre, though, is Cypress Grove Creamery in Arcata, California, the heart of Humboldt county. With cheese names like Purple Haze, Sgt. Pepper, and Herbs de Humboldt, it is no wonder that its founder has lived a magically inspired life.
...Mary Keehn, a self-proclaimed 1970's “serious hippie” and single mother of four, lived in a different world. 
Hundreds of miles away from processed cheese and pre-packaged dinners, there was a quirky place with like-minded people who embraced healthy food - a place where majestic redwoods hugged sprawling beaches along the expansive Northern California coastline. A place called Humboldt County.


Saint Andre Triple Cream with a packed Happy Valley Pipe
420 celebrations deserve some version of a classic triple cream even without a suggestive moniker. 

The buttery flavor of  Saint Andre, for example, is certain to extend the sensory enjoyment of any cannabis experience. 

To further elevate the Whey High theme, pair cheese selections with Cannabis infused honey and host an informal tasting party. 

Like wine, cheese has an established history of appreciation practices that spark conversation and register memories.

A Matter of Taste, from our travel blog,, explains some of the biology behind our sense of taste and includes a video describing the steps of a formal tasting. Finally, download an official Comte' Cheese flavor chart on the right to help describe this Budding Cheese adventure!

Flavor Descriptions ~ Click for PDF
(By the way, "whey" - which is pronounced like "way" - is a liquid milk protein that results from the cheesemaking process.)